4x6 Watercolor Collection


In late December and Early January of 2016/2017, I took on a bunch of 4x6" watercolor commissions featuring one of my favorite franchises (scroll through my instagram to get a further preview than what's offered here). Well, I figured since I had so many I ought to collect some of my favorites into a little sketchbook. So I did! Printed (very) few for an upcoming show, and thought I'd put them on here, too, since some folks can't make it to the Southeast.

The book is 4x6", 116 pages (112 with pictures on 'em), full color. The cover is as bare as beggar's pantry, but I'll be affixing printed frontplates, each of which will be hand-painted and signed like the one in the picture. You pick the style (there are three from which to choose: white glove, black glove, and alien hand) and the color of the blade.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

International customers: man oh man, is shipping calculated high. Not sure how much these'll run, given that they're quite a bit smaller and lighter than my other books, but if you're a good enough to sport to pay it, by gum, we'll be good enough sports to refund the difference once we get the tally.