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Catfoot's Vengeance Thumbnails

  • Catfoot's Vengeance Thumbnails

When I made the pages for Catfoot’s Vengeance (Crogan’s Vengeance), I didn’t actually do pencils. I made tight thumbnails and blew them up in blue line and inked on top of them.

I recently found the thumbnails for the book, and thought that folks might want a piece of the production process that isn’t usually up for market. Being a process junkie, I often beg, borrow, and when permitted to do so buy tight thumbs from artists that I like (if I had to make a choice, I’d probably pick collecting thumbs over collecting pages… luckily, it’s not a choice that has to be made), so it seems only fair to make that sort of thing available to others from my end.

So here’s the deal: I’m doing this grab-bag style. Since they’re not numbered and in no discernible order, asking for specific pages* would be logistically tricky for Liz, my dear wife, who handles the store. But here’s the compromise: You can ask for a page with a specific character on it. You want one with Catfoot? Done. D’or? You got it. Got a hankering for Captain Cane? We’ll pop one in the envelope for ya.

$10 each (which also makes it a great gift for the other Crogan Adventures fans in your life!). If you’re wanting to get a few, then we’ll give you a deal: 4 for $30 (use code 4THUMBS), or 10 for $65 (use code 10THUMBS).

Pages are obviously limited, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

*If you have purchased a page from us (we’ve got records!), then you may request the specific thumbnail that correlates with your page. There is, of course, the chance that we won’t have it, but if we do, it’s yours.

Free shipping in the US; due to fluctuating postal rates, any international shipping requests must be conducted via email.